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It becomes a must to burn woods during the winter to get rid of the cold. To make the arrangements, you need to cut logs, size them into pieces, and dry them off so that they can create required heat for a long time.

But doing all this is not as easy as it seems. Drying woods at home need to be done in a particular place where no other things are around. There is a systematic process to get the woods dried at home.

1. Cutting Trees: Ensure you are cutting the trees for woods before winter. It will be best if you choose the time from early summer to spring so that you can get at least six to eight or more months to dry the woods. Hire professional tree services such as cuttingedgetreeexperts to get expected services with the required equipment. If you want to cut the trees on your own, it can be dangerous and complicated for you.

2. Shaping Woods: The shape and length of the woods should be maintained well while cutting. You can cut the wood in large pieces if you want to do woodwork with it later because woods shrink after drying. But if you are going to burn them in the heat, there is no need to cut them into large pieces rather regular-sized pieces would be beneficial.

3. Leave for Fresh Air: Leave the woods in a spacious open place where natural air and the sunlight can easily pass. Before implementing artificial air, it is recommended to dry the woods naturally out in the air to absorb the excessive moisture.

4. Measuring Moisture: You can purchase a moisture meter to measure the moisture of the wood. After measuring, you will have ideas about how many days it will take to dry them in a traditional way. And if the moisture is higher in the wood, you can look for the artificial drying option.

5. Artificial Air Passing: This process contains artificial air passing including a humidifier set in a room. You can make the arrangement on your own building up a frame and supportive shelf where the woods will be kept. Then set the humidifier and artificial fan from the sides. This process provides less timing to dry woods and the flame you get will last longer.

Moreover, this is the process of drying woods at home in easy steps.

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