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Before you decide to trim or prune a tree, you should always be sure of its condition first. You can do this by simply walking around it and determining the weight of its limbs based on how they are distributed and the location of where the tree top is falling. You should always check for oddities such as branches that are dead, bark that comes off of the tree easily or cracks in the tree itself. All of these can affect the process and not evaluating the tree first is often dangerous. You should also be aware of other trees in the area and take note of whether or not the branches from these trees are going to interfere with the one you are cutting. Tree trimming Orlando and Orlando tree removal gives you excellent services at affordable cost to take care of you trees.

Once you have a cleared out an area that you can work with that won’t cause any damage to the property, the next step is to decide which direction you want the tree’s branches to fall. The best direction is the one that is close to the lean of the tree. Be sure to choose the flattest surface possible as well since when the ground is uneven the branches may break or roll once they are cut down and pose a serious risk. If you are going to remove the tree completely, use a ladder in order to secure it around the upper part of the tree so that it is more likely to fall in the right direction.

Another helpful tip is to use a chainsaw in order to cut a little more than halfway through the tree. After doing this, make a second cut to create a notch between the two cuts you’ve made. The mouth of the notch will be set in the direction that you are planning on felling the tree. When this is complete, you can cut the opposite side toward the notch which will cause the tree to fall in the direction you want. If you are afraid that the tree is going to fall in the opposite direction, have a person with you while performing this form of handyman services so that they can pull the rope in the correct direction.

Never evaluate the tree or its branches inaccurately. Serious injury and death are possible from both if you do not take precautions, especially when judging their size and weight. You should also take into account when to make your cuts since this will affect the health of the tree. While the best time to cut varies a little based on whether you live in a warm or cold climate, autumn and winter are generally the best months for handyman services since the sap will bleed the least because it is flowing slowly. When tree trimming, cut just beyond the collar of where the tree meets the branch so that it will regenerate properly.

If you are planning on removing the stump, however, then you’ll want to have access to two important tools. First, a digging spade is more common for handyman services in home landscaping. The second, a landscaping bar, is going to be just as useful though because it will use its weight to lift up the stump that you have dug out with the spade. Never attempt to tie a rope around the stump and pull it out with a vehicle. The result of doing this will likely be either ripped off brake lines or a dismounted rear axle.

Here is some additional information on tree maintenance.

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