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Tree removal is not recommended unless you face difficulties with the trees for some reasons. The tree can either be damaged from the base; you might need to use the woods for woodwork, and for many other reasons. Trees are more like friends to our environment and to us.

They serve oxygen and leave the environment fresh & sound. If you continuously cut them off for no reason, you are stepping forward to global warming and who wants that. So, if you are questioning if you need permission for removing a tree from your garden then here’s the answer.

Generally, removing or cutting down a regular tree from your garden does not require any permission. You can just call a reliable tree service and remove the tree from your garden. For finding out the right company, you can evaluate several tree services nearby you & here’s a recommended one for you cuttingedgetreeexperts. Search online on different websites such as Cutting Edge Tree Experts is an affordable and reliable tree service you can get contracts with.

But if the tree has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on it then yes, you will require permission from the Council to cut down or removing or performing any works on the tree. A TPO is a written order from the local planning authority. This authority indicates as a borough, district council or national park.

The main purpose of creating such from a TPO is to give protection to trees. As the beneficial values of trees are indescribable, it is definitely our responsibility to keep them up.

It is a criminal offense to do any sort of work on the tree protected by a TPO. The works include cutting, trimming, removing, uplifting, damaging, and everything else. All you can do is asking for permission if you really need to remove the tree.

You may face difficulties having this tree in your garden so you can show the legit reasons to remove them, cut them, or apply other activities.

To find out if the tree has a TPO, you can contact the tree officer at your local council. Regional officers for the Forestry Commission may also be able to help you with the required information about the tree you own.

To seek permission, you will have to fill in an application form and submit it to the authority. Moreover, ensure if your tree is listed upon the TPO before removing it.

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