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It is very important to use the dry wood for having any woodwork or to burn the woods. Greenwood does not burn longer as your expectation and also you cannot accomplish any woodwork with the greenwood that has full moisture in it. Moreover, drying woods can be a lengthy process of around a year if you try it in the traditional process. But there can be kiln dry wood process which will require a fewer period to dry woods completely. You can also have the process done at home easily if you want.

At first, mill your wood. Cut the tree logs with the help of the professional sawyers as they have sawmills and other necessary equipment to cut the wood in the required size and shape. The professionals also ensure the stump grinding well after cutting the tree. Proper sizing of the logs is very important to dry the woods perfectly. You should choose the time of cutting the wood before winter and best would be if you choose the time in early summer or spring time.

Then it is recommended to measure the moisture of the wood. Seal up the end grains of the wood to lock the open pores. You can prefer wax or paint to close the pores. Then let the wood leave in the normal air to dry. It is better to air dry the wood for the first few months to absorb the first bit of moisture naturally. Ensure when you are leaving the woods in the natural air, they are left in a spacious place under the sunlight and breeze. Don’t let anybody in to use the woods as a sitting space.

Finally, build the kiln after a few months with the kiln lay poly and a frame to support the woods while resting on. Provide a standard household dehumidifier and a small fan on both sides for artificial air pass. This is the way to dry the woods from an air supply. It will help to dry the woods before the expected time because if you wait for the regular air on the outside, it wouldn’t result in the same way as you are supplying the air to absorb the moisture.

Moreover, building up the kiln to dry wood at home is very useful to dry the woods. Do the arrangements on your own and use the dried woods in your woodworks.

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