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This is important to dry the wood before burning them in the stove. So when it’s time for burning the woods during winter or damped weather, you will require dry woods. It can be a lengthy process to dry the woods naturally, which can take around six months to years. However, there are some effective wood drying tips you can follow to minimize the procedure’s timing.

1. Choose the Right Time to Cut Trees: Choosing the right time to cut trees is very important. As you are using wood-fire in the winter to get heat and required room temperature, so it is useful to cut the trees in the spring or early summer to get at least six to nine months for proper dry woods. To cut or remove the tree, you should hire a tree service with proper equipment to do their job professionally. You will get many tree services nearby or online. Searching for related websites such as can be useful for you to get the right company.

2. Cut in Right Size: It is also important to maintain the right size and length of the cut woods because woods with bigger shapes take a longer period to dry. So, prefer smaller sizes and that won’t require any further processing while burning them.

3. Fix Your Type of Woodwork: The sizes of your cut woods should depend on the type of your woodwork. If you are drying them just for burning them then the size doesn’t matter. But if the woodwork relates to something creative, then the size should be according to your requirement.

4. Provide the Required Environment: You need to keep the cut woods in the right place where the sun and fresh air are available. Greenwood contains a lot of moisture so it requires more air to let dry. Also, ensure the environment is safe out of disturbing elements.

5. Providing Artificial Air: The most effective process for drying the woods is providing artificial air system along with dehumidifier in a room. It would dry the woods through a processed way and you will get the woods dried within a short time. This is efficient as you will be able to get high heat for a longer period.

So, to dry your woods both traditionally and efficiently, you should follow such tactics. Don’t forget to provide a better environment as the greenwoods require to get dried.

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